Website for BFG: It’s Alive!

I’ve been working non-stop on a large BFG (*) app for a number of months.  Well, almost non-stop.  I spent a week with Chris on a different BFG project.

Thus, I didn’t do a dang thing to help it, but here it is: a shiny new website for the BFG microframework.  Congratulations to Carlos and Chris for getting this up and running.  (Carlos writes about the site launch.)

BFG has been pretty unique in a number of ways, one of which is apropos for this site launch: Chris actually published the copious, well-written BFG docs just before releasing BFG’s code.  He’s been insistent on keeping the docs up-to-date.

Having a site is a big help.  Thanks guys!

(*) BFG is a Python web application “micro” framework that takes patterns, ideas, and some code from WSGI, WebOb, and Zope.  Keywords: fast, light, documented, tested, and non-judgemental.


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