Some info about KARL, the project I’ve been working on

For the last few years I’ve been working with some great folks at the Open Society Institute on a project called KARL.  It’s now open source and has a website with some preliminary information, which means I can chat about it in advance of my presentation next week at the Plone Symposium.

In a nutshell, KARL is a collaboration system for projects and organizations.  We are just wrapping up KARL3 (a rewrite to convert from Zope/Plone to Zope-like BFG application) and we’re doing the migration work.    There’s quite a bit to chat about, so look for some more blog posts as we finish up the process.


3 Responses to “Some info about KARL, the project I’ve been working on”

  1. LarsN Says:

    It’s been great working with you on this one! Even if I’m only contributing as a Systems Admin.

    • Paul Everitt Says:

      You’re as important as all of us on the project. We’ve got a great team together. Well, at least, we’re about to find out. 🙂

  2. Update on KARL: Migration, enhancements « Chatterbox, Reloaded Says:

    […] on KARL: Migration, enhancements By Paul Everitt In late May I made a brief blog post announcing KARL prior to the Plone Symposium talk I gave.  Since then, quite a bit has gone on with […]

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