Update on KARL: Migration, enhancements

In late May I made a brief blog post announcing KARL prior to the Plone Symposium talk I gave.  Since then, quite a bit has gone on with KARL:

  • The migration went super-smooth.  We did 5 trial runs of gradually larger audiences, fixing bugs in between.  By the time of launch, Chris Rossi and Lars Nolan had the process down pat.  No surprises.
  • We did a KARL 3.1 development cycle in support of hosting KARL for 2 more organizations.  In this process we did a good amount of refactoring, including parameterizing some customization points that previously required overriding via ZCML.
  • Shane added an in-the-core People Directory.
  • Fixed bugs that got overlooked.  This also went very smooth: most bugs got fixed within a day or two, and none piled up for more than a week, even the small ones.
  • During the next two weeks, we are migrating the other two organizations from their existing KARL2 over to their new KARL3.  All hosted in the same environment with OSI, which makes operations far better.
  • We’re also in the 3.2 development cycle.  We updated TinyMCE and landed profile picture resizing (via PIL).  We’re doing spellchecking, improvements to the email alerting, and a good number of other enhancements during the next few weeks.
  • There are also plans for a big KARL meeting at OSI later this month, to include some other organizations.

All in all, we’ve really hit our stride.  Not just on development, but increasingly on operations.  We’re getting into a mode that is very measured, methodical, quality, responsive, etc.  As Jeffrey Shell always said: no alarms, no surprises.


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