Belated happy first birthday, BFG

While I was on vacation, Chris McDonough wrapped up work on BFG 1.0.  The BFG elevator speech hits the nail on the head:

BFG is a “pay only for what you eat” Python web framework. You can get started easily and learn new concepts as you go, and only if you need them. It’s simple, well tested, well documented, and fast.

I’ve used BFG on KARL for the last 9 or so months and have found almost everything about it to be a relief. With this 1.0 release, BFG has achieved a sweet spot of stability and maturity combined with ongoing vitality. While BFG is particularly attractive to Zope developers looking for a modern alternative, it is also attractive more generally to Python web developers.  It’s hard to imagine there still being unmet needs, but BFG stands out for people who take the points in the elevator speech above seriously.

All of this due to the massive effort Chris put into it. Not just making it, but mega-documenting it, 100% coverage on tests, answering questions, sample applications, keeping everything up to date on every change, etc. There are quite a few people participating in BFG, but these efforts are generously given because Chris is there to integrate them.

So congrats Chris, and thanks.


3 Responses to “Belated happy first birthday, BFG”

  1. _Mark_ Says:

    mmm, so is there a tutorial that actually walks the “only what you need” path? I started with which has the common but mistaken idea that I want to know anything about paster or – did I just find the wrong starting point?

    • Paul Everitt Says:

      You’re right, BFG assumes that people want WebOb and Paster. Frameworks have to bootstrap themselves, and rather than invent its own, BFG tried to use a starting point that had some traction.

      If avoiding Paster is your goal, then you might find BFG frustrating.

    • Paul Everitt Says:

      Chris McDonough made a point in IRC:

      I think _Mark_ actually missed the *tutorials*.

      That said.. the install docs you point at describe the install steps for BFG (which is also covered in the tutorials, FWIW). Following them means executing paster commands, yes.

      But the steps you must take are spelled out in pretty type-and-drool exhaustiveness. Though the word “paster” is mentioned and you have to type it, it might as well be asking you to type the dimensions of a Buick Le Sabre; you have to do what you have to do to get started.

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