BFG News: Book, 1.2

Big new happenings for the BFG web framework.  First, Chris has wrapped up the writing on a BFG book which you can get via Createspace or Amazon.  The book content is also available as open source.  However, buying via Createspace helps the author a bit more, so please feed the animals by grabbing a copy.

Chris recently documented his experience writing the book.  I’ll add to it a bit.  Chris worked on this book.  And worked.  And worked hard.  Laboriously, fanatically, during the entire course of creating BFG.  In fact, the docs were released before the software, and every one of his million software releases included doc updates. In double fact, he used the book writing as a reason for improving and refactoring BFG.

If your idea of a good web framework includes one with scrupulous documentation (as well as 100% test coverage) then BFG is the right cultural fit for you.  Chris really is nuts, certifiably.

In more BFG news, Chris released BFG 1.2 recently with a What’s New in 1.2 document.

The first highlight is an “imperative mode” that let’s you write almost nothing, import almost nothing, and postpone understanding big new concepts, but still get a real application going.  Follow the link and look for the first code example.

The other major highlight, from my perspective, is Jython support.

BFG has been experimenting with alternative approaches to “configuration”.  The imperative mode is part of the result, but the entire configuration story is worth looking at.

Congrats, BFG and Chris.  The good story keeps getting better, with more people deploying sites, contributing, and giving tutorials at PyCon.


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