Pyramid Training: Gun for Hire

tl;dr I’d love to go do some Pyramid training in the coming months. Particularly if there’s a chance to speechify.

For the San Fran Plone Conf, I put together a “Pyramid for Humans” training course. I really enjoyed it. I tried to create the kind of training course I’d want to attend: very hands-on, one step at a time, source code available, broad-but-shallow, with a deep emphasis on hilarity. Chris McDonough sat in on it to make sure I didn’t poke myself in the eye on anything.

The course received very good reviews, prompting me to…do nothing. I stupidly didn’t go conduct it again. I have submitted a condensed version as a tutorial for PyCon, but then it occurred to me: “Why wait?”

Got a small pile of beginners in your organization that you’d like to get up to speed on Python web development? Got a larger group at a conference or user group that might want a hands-on tour of Pyramid? Interested in a speech covering 19 years of mistakes in web development and 15 years of bad open source decisions?

As a trainer, I’m not: (a) cheap, (b) expensive, or (c) boring. I’m up for doing customized training if you have some specific topics.


2 Responses to “Pyramid Training: Gun for Hire”

  1. Steve Piercy Says:

    I was one of the attendees of this course and I highly recommend it. Paul and Chris were exceptionally helpful and informative. Just being in the same room as these guys makes you smarter.

    The course is well-paced and organized, following a “micro-lesson” instructional format. A topic would be presented and discussed, then we would get our hands on the code to put the concept into practice.

    I will attend again if it is offered at another nearby location.

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