Pyramid 1.4 released with some interesting goodness

Chris McDonough stayed up late last night and got Pyramid 1.4 out the door with interesting new features and, of course, up-to-date documentation.

I’ve gotten really interested in the custom view predicates stuff. For me, Pyramid has always existed in the sweet spot between ginormous megasystem and too-small toy. It isn’t a big system, but it is big enough to help you quickly build your own big system.

The documentation for the configuration system demonstrates this. Pyramid makes it easy to register, in a clean and testable way, new semantics for a custom application that feel like a natural part of Pyramid. Meaning, when you or a consumer of your stuff wants to know where something is, the thing they are looking for is in a natural place. For example, stuff hanging of the request, or slightly-specialized renderers, or event subscribers, or custom site settings.

The view predicates work has that nice familiar smell, taken to another degree. @view_config is the most familiar part of Pyramid. You can now register new arguments for view_config that are then first-class semantics in your custom application. This lets you get much of what you might want with a custom decorator/directive, which you can achieve while staying within the comfy confines of view config. Similar goodness for routes and subscribers.

Update: As Chris’s pimp, I feel obliged to say…give Chris a project! He’s winding down a customer project right now and needs some next work. Want Chris onsite to get your team velocity moving? Have a project that could use a dose of brilliance? Drop me a line.


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