Emphasize Python 3 in Pyramid docs?

Recently I saw that Django 1.5 will have experimental (non-production) support for Python 3, and just saw today about Twisted supporting some Python 3. Someone recently asserted that 2013 might be the year that Python 3 tips.

Pyramid has fully supported Python 3 for well over a year. I’m hoping to work on a “Getting Started” section in the Pyramid docs. What do people think about ways to highlight Python 3 a little more visibly, in the Pyramid docs and elsewhere?

My supposition: people who are interested in real web stuff with Python 3 should give Pyramid a try, and thus, we should reach out to them.


8 Responses to “Emphasize Python 3 in Pyramid docs?”

  1. Daniel Greenfeld Says:

    I think that the faster we move as a programming community to Python 3 the better. Which means that for me, Pyramid’s moving to Python 3 focused documentation would be a good thing.

    • Paul Everitt Says:

      You’re right Danny, and I think it’s in all our interests for each framework’s progress on Python 3 to be promoted. It will take a broad effort, IMO, to convince web developers that Python 3 has tipped. I’ll do my best to track the goings-on in Django and pimp the progress.

  2. Luke Tymowski Says:

    I think that’s an excellent idea, Paul. I’m building a new site, and I could use Pyramid and Python3 to build it.

  3. fizyk Says:

    Although lots of commercial projects will still be running on python 2.6/2.7, I think it’s great idea, might give the necessary kick to start, at least testing.

  4. Tshepang Lekhonkhobe Says:

    One thing that would help a lot is porting code/documentation that is under the Pylons project (https://github.com/Pylons). It can be a hindrance at this time, since there is much example code there that would be useful to learn, but only runs on Python 2. Even in the main docs, the stuff blessed as “sample apps” runs only on 2: https://pyramid.readthedocs.org/en/master/#sample-applications.

    • Paul Everitt Says:

      If there’s example code that depends only on Pyramid (or a small number of packages that support Python 3, such as Deform or SQLAlchemy), then it’s reasonable to do so. If it is sample code that relies on some other packages, or if it is a Pyramid project with a different maintainer, we’ll need to do some work to convince others to port.

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