Video and source for my PyCon Pyramid tutorial with a twist of Python 3

(Updated: forgot some links.)

PyCon was a whole kettle of fish this year, happy bouncy fish that drive in RVs and stay up really late.

I gave a Getting Started with Pyramid tutorial at PyCon. The fun twist: I based it on Python 3, which Pyramid has supported for about a year and a half. I have a feeling that this might have been the first PyCon web tutorial that targeted Python 3. (I also supported Python 2, which about half the attendees used.)

Video here and source docs/code here.

To tell the truth, everything went surprisingly smooth on the Python 3 side. My first real headache wasn’t Python’s fault. Homebrew’s pyvenv command won’t let you install distribute into the virtual environment (and unfortunately, despite being told it works fine with a source Python, they simply closed the ticket but re-opened in another ticket.)

My only other issue was process-related. I used Sphinx for my tutorial material. I decided to use Python 3 for the Sphinx part as well. The released version wasn’t respecting my build pickles (even after I deleted them), but an install from Sphinx master solved the problem.

All in all, quite cool. I used PyCharm to the fullest extent possible for all the coding and Sphinx docs, and PyCharm hung along with Python 3 quite well.

So the open question…is 2013 going to be a year that Python 3 starts to emerge?


2 Responses to “Video and source for my PyCon Pyramid tutorial with a twist of Python 3”

  1. Tshepang Lekhonkhobe Says:

    2 hyperlinks are missing: “Video here and source docs/code here.”

  2. Paul Everitt Says:

    Sorry, fixed the hyperlinks.

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