PyCharm 3.0 EAP2 supports Pyramid

Confession: I’m an IDE user. Years of Emacs with occasional flirtations with IDEs (Komodo, PyDev) always led me back to Emacs. PyCharm (with the requisite 4 GB RAM upgrade for the Java tax) is the one that stuck.

PyCharm has never had any specific Pyramid support, until now. The upcoming 3.0 version will have some support for Pyramid, and the latest early access preview makes this available. Here is a screencast I just made demonstrating the support:

Screencast showing Pyramid support in PyCharm 3.0 EAP

In this demo I show:

  • Creating Project using “Project type” of Pyramid
  • Making a virtual environment under Python 3.3.2 (using pyvenv) for the new project
  • Telling PyCharm to install Pyramid into the project
  • Choosing one of the Pyramid-provided “scaffolds” to generate a working sample
  • Using the PyCharm-generated “Run Configuration” to easily execute the generated
  • Using the PyCharm-generated “Run Configuration” to start the Pyramid project and view the home page in a browser
  • I also show a reminder to bring in stuff for the office omelets (my 3 chickens are laying eggs faster than we can eat them)

Two caveats I covered:

  • There is a bug, now fixed, in the run configuration about working directory. The next EAP should include the fix.
  • If you want the scaffold to generate a sample, it is important to click “No” when PyCharm warns you about an existing directory. (This only happens if, like I do, you use virtual environments stored in the project directory.)

I don’t know how much other support JetBrains plans for Pyramid in PyCharm. I doubt they’ll get Chameleon support, for example. But for those trying to get started quickly, this really eliminates a lot of monkey business related to virtual environments, getting easy_install/pip into the virtualenv, getting the sources and running a scaffold, etc.


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