New blog posts: Chris, Tres, me

Last week, Tres and I wrapped up a little website for Agendaless, based on Pyramid and Substance D. Not very ambitious site, but still a lot of fun working in Substance D.

We put up some blog posts:

  • Chris wrote a really thought-provoking article about our experiences when open source and consulting rub up against the sad state of patent shakedowns. Someone like Chris writes and gives away a multi-million-dollar code base. When it is time to do some consulting, he’s asked to indemnify the small, custom against patents as part of the contract.  The yearly insurance cost is over half his yearly income.
  • Agendaless is turning 7 in a couple of weeks. Tres did a little retrospective.
  • 11 years ago I moved to France, with a focus soon thereafter on large-scale project management.

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