I’m doing a webinar next week: “Polyglot PyCharm for Rich Web Frontends”

Next Tuesday at 10AM Eastern I’m doing a free/live JetBrains webinar. Nutshell: using the WebStorm-like web features, in PyCharm.

This webinar originated from several of my Python friends asking if they should get WebStorm for their web frontend development to go with PyCharm for their backend Python development. They were surprised to hear that PyCharm inherits many of the HTML/CSS/JS platform features from WebStorm.

Also, over the last few years, I’ve done quite a lot with the modern frontend stack: NodeJS, npm, grunt/gulp, Babel for ES6, Webpack, Angular, etc. In particular, I’ve approached that world as an émigré from Pythonistan, and thus adopted some workflows that seemed more Pythonic. At the same time, I talk with my grumpy old Python friends who want modern JS MVC to get off their lawn. I’d like to be a friendly tour guide for Python folks, to explain and interpret this clown car..ahem, brave new world, but in terms familiar to them.

This webinar is the first step, and I hope to provide more on “Polyglot Python” via PyCharm in the coming months.

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