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I admit it, Deco looks pretty nice

October 30, 2009

This post has the jaded volume turned to eleven but even so, I’m impressed.

I watched the video of Rob Gietema’s presentation on Deco, the “new way to manage page layout, composite pages and rich content in Plone 4”.  I approach the entire topic with cynicism, dread, and exhaustion on a number of fronts.

Well, color me intrigued.  I’ll probably clutch tightly to my bitter, curmudgeonly outlook.  But I must confess to being impressed, in a number of ways.  I think they’ve done a good job thinking about the problem.  It looks like they’re going slow and being unafraid to refactor ideas and implementations.  It also has, already, a nice visual appeal along with some clever simplifying assumptions to keep the congitive overload under control.  Finally, this is a hard space to work in, technically, and it seems like they have some mad skillz.

There’s still a lot of challenge ahead.  The biggest is what I view as the chief paradox confronting Plone.  On one hand, a significant portion of people are fed up with how some of the features are implemented.  But on the other hand, they’re burned out by a legacy of undead overhauls and don’t have much patience for revolution.  (Sidebar: my opinion is, I sympathize but The Time Has Come.)

Additionally, while it’s a lot of work to do the product, it’s a lot more work to do the “whole” product: documentation, bug fixing, ongoing compatibility, performance, and other stuff over the long haul.  Letting Deco have a long gestation period outside the core would be advisable.  The more baked it is, the more legitimate it will feel when added to Plone, and the less resistance from the undead-overhaul-worriers.

So good luck Deco.  If even 2/3 of the features are implemented, but implemented superbly over the long haul, then Plone will have something sweet to hang its hat on.  (All of the above applies equally to Dexterity, the new content type system.)

Congrats new Plone Foundation board

October 30, 2009

Per the announcement, congrats to the new board of directors for the Plone Foundation.  I really, really like that lineup of people. It’s amazing, though, that there were at least five others in the election that would also have been strong to have on the board.

A particular thanks to Hanno Schlichting for once again conducting the election.  I have utter confidence in the things he does, be it Plone Foundation process stuff or gradually untangling years of technical cruft as part of his Plone 5 release manager duties.

I saw the minutes of the Plone Foundation annual member’s meeting (thanks Maurits for the writeup.)  Toby reported that, after spending half of the original CA donation of $100k, the PF in one year has its bank account back to the original amount.  This is primarily due to the sponsorship plan that Jon Stahl helped kick off, tied to the excellent work the team at Pilot Sytems (plus Reinout, plus others) have done over the years.

The price point for sponsorship makes it easy to get companies in, and the allocation of funds (e.g. release managers, promotion) makes it very easy to justify.  Since the price point is a yearly fee, I suspect that you’ll see another $50k come in during the next half year, meaning…

…the Plone Foundation is a very successful community-managed outfit.  Congrats to the previous board for orchestrating this turnaround on finances, and here’s to a good 2010 for the Plone Foundation.